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Why Clean a DPF?

1. Avoid Replacement Costs and Extend Filter Life
Regular cleaning helps extend the life of your filter, as soot and ash collected in DPF can damage or destroy it. This can result in a DPF replacement cost of anywhere between $3000 – $8000, and, even worse, it can lead to unscheduled downtime.

2. Improve Fuel Economy
A clean DPF helps your engine perform at peak power and efficiency. A cleaned DPF immediately demonstrated improvements in performance, fuel economy, kilometres travelled between regeneration, and improved idle.

3. Reduce Downtime
Over time, ash builds up linearly in the filter causing air flow restriction. This restriction generates exhaust back pressure. The back pressure reduces engine efficiency, requiring more fuel, more turbo boost and more power to perform the same work from the diesel powered equipment. If the filter is not cleaned, the accumulation of ash is accelerated. Ash plugs also form in the linear passages of the filter which cannot be removed. A regularly scheduled cleaning as part of a preventative maintenance program will minimise the effects of an ash accumulation in the DPF and poor engine performance.

A clean DPF will also reduce the time required for regeneration, as well as the wasted fuel costs during this idle period.

Why Should You Clean a DPF?

Your DPF should be cleaned every 100,000 to 200,000 km (or less for more severe service applications).

Signs That Your DPF Needs Cleaning:

  • Experiencing frequent regeneration
  • Losing power
  • Manufacturer/warranty recommendations
  • Fuel efficiency decreases
  • Exhaust back pressure increases

When you start experiencing the above symptoms, it's time to give us a call and see firsthand the difference that a superior DPF cleaning can make.

Apart from a thorough DPF cleaning, we also provide you with a complete report showing:

1. Weight: before and after
2. Flow Rate: before and after
3. Serial number

These items will help illustrate the effectiveness of our cleaning process, and provide proof that your filter is compliant with all legal and environmental standards.

Our Superior Process

The patented filter cleaning process utilises both manual and automatic methods to ensure your DPF is as clean and efficient as possible. A better clean means less downtime, better fuel efficiency, quicker regeneration, and a longer lasting filter life overall.

All our cleaning packages include an inspection of the filter to ensure that it's not damaged and is suitable for cleaning.


192 Duke St,



(03) 9364 7966